About the Writing Tips

Dee White’s breadth of knowledge about writing, what works and what doesn’t, is truly astounding. Not only does she produce great fiction of her own, she invariably hones in on the essence of other authors’ writing to draw out the characters and develop the plot to ensure their story is the best it can be. Dee is thorough, intuitive and extremely generous with her time and knowledge. 

Vicki Stanton

Editor / Publisher / Writer
Buzz Words www.buzzwordsmagazine.com
Buzz Words Books www.buzzwordsmagazine.blogspot.com

Dee White is a multi-published Australian author who not only excels at her craft, but is generous in her support of other writers. Dee has the ability to hone in on topics writers need to address, and to explain them clearly. No matter what ability level or age, Dee’s tips will help writers build their skills and gain confidence.”

Susan Stephenson

I’ve been reading Dee’s writing tips for two years and have found them genuinely helpful, and a useful resource in my writing workshops with both children and adults.

Sheryl Gwyther, Australian author

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